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Steven H. Salami

Attorney at Law - Serving NY and NJ

Personal Injury

Mr. Salami has experience representing clients for their personal injury needs in New York and New Jersey. The following categories are his main fields of personal injury practice:

  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents
  2. Slip and Falls
  3. Dog Bites
Individuals that are involved in motor vehicle accidents can suffer from a variety of different injuries. Mr. Salami will explain the different types of injuries that are considered "serious" injuries under the Insurance Law of the State of New York and how your particular case should be handled. It is not always necessary to commence a lawsuit to realize the greatest monetary benefit. Once your injuries have been fully analyzed, Mr. Salami will provide a detailed description of the process by which your case will proceed. From the initial intake (which can be conducted in your home if you choose) to the final resolution, Mr. Salami will make himself available to you should you have questions about the status of your case and what the next step will be.