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Real Estate - The Law Firm of Steven H. Salami

Steven H. Salami

Attorney at Law - Serving NY and NJ

Real Estate

Mr. Salami has represented builders (commercial & residential), first-time home buyers and experienced buyers and sellers in New York and New Jersey. Mr. Salami's fee for a real estate purchase or sale in New York or New Jersey is $800-$900. This fee is payable at the close of the transaction.

Mr. Salami will explain the different rights and responsibilities of buyers and sellers during the course of his initial consultation. If you have a "contingent" deal, Mr. Salami will explain the way this kind of deal must be handled along with the various options that are available to individuals in that kind of situation. If you are in New Jersey, Mr. Salami will explain "attorney review" and will work to make sure that your deal moves swiftly.